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The smart choice for organizers that want to create an event experience where connectivity is maximized. Our event management focus is to make sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented meetings and create an event framework that maximizes connectivity. Gives you full control over your participants and enables you to take action wherever it is needed, in every phase of the event.

Or are you an entrepreneur interested in the Chinese market entry? BenCham Business Matchmaking. Are you a Ø Logistics. Ø Marketing & Advertisement.

Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has been using the services of Outsmart Marketing for a number of years now. Established in and as a leading organiser of trade shows in South Africa and more recently in Sub-Sahara we have attracted large numbers of international business people to our exhibitions. This international trade-related visitor ship has required input in terms of facilitating face-to-face business meetings. The Outsmart solution has been deployed in our large industrial tradeshows to great effect.

Structured business meetings add value to the trade show medium and we have had particular success in utilizing this service. Not only does the service offering come highly recommended but so does the Outsmart Marketing team who are extremely professional. I have in the past and continue to in the future, entrust the business well-being of our clients with them.


Make the most of your visit to productronica by contacting relevant exhibitors before the fair even begins. Your personal interests profile Create your personal interests profile. Differentiating between the two categories—i.

The Art and Science of Real Estate Matchmaking. [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1​"][v[vc_column_text]Enamored. Gobsmacked. Utterly transfixed: You’re a buyer.

Robert Dysell. Technology is at the heart of marketing success. And with marketing departments set to outspend CIOs on new tech in , it seems the rest of the world agrees. Tempted by the promise of improved social monitoring or better content management, marketing managers often buy technology to solve specific problems. This means purchases are usually not guided by any coherent strategies that consider wider business goals. Integrating marketing tools into a company-wide strategy makes it easier to hit those business goals and plan for when things go wrong.

The IT department plays a vital role in ensuring all systems pass a certain security level. Not only can this advice help prevent some seriously bad purchasing decisions, but it can safeguard the security of the company.

The rules of brand matchmaking

And while figuring out which companies might get a shot at glory is a little bit like deconstructing Scientology, the real work begins after funding. So how does a startup go about the business of selecting an agency? Small agencies are a fit for startups: If you put your matchmaking hat on for just a moment, you see that these traits match up almost perfectly with a small or smaller agency.

Matchmaking marketing – Training Property Managers Compu Date has identified two distinct market segments. Find a matchmaking, we developed marketing.

Growing a mid-market company can be very challenging. Ask any entrepreneur what keeps them up at night, and cash flow almost always makes the list. Growth sucks cash. So how can mid-market companies raise money and resources to expand? I s there a way though to raise capital for a business without the hassle and risks of VC money? There are five types of customer-funded models to raise capital without VC proven to exponentially grow the revenue for mid-market companies.

One of those customer-funded models which this article is going to explore in more detail is called the matchmaker model. Visionary entrepreneurs built matchmaker companies like Airbnb and Expedia. Many of these companies were built with virtually no investment to get started, because they had no need to buy what they were going to sell.

Matchmaking Isn’t Just for Dating. It’s a Model for Many New Businesses.

We connect brands with fully-vetted, compatible marketing agencies that meet their needs. Using our extensive marketing network, we can help you fill a job vacancy, or find your next gig. We connect marketers at all stages of their careers to the latest industry trends and resources. Set up saved us time and resources by connecting us with a well-vetted marketing agency that could function as an extension of our team.

Client-side marketers often tell us that searching for a marketing agency feels like another full-time job. We take that extra work off your plate, enabling you to focus on your strategic goals.

Through our Globally Cool Academy, we offer three core e-learning courses. Export marketing strategy; Webbased market research; Optimizing.

Matchmaking is currently highly popular with B2B event organisers. For this service to be successful, the following aspects should be taken into consideration in the planning process. This was revealed by a survey that we recently published in a Converve white paper. Of course, more and more B2B event participants expect a measurable return on investment for their attendance — this applies to exhibitors as well as sponsors and visitors.

In this context, the focus lies on the kinds of new contacts an event participator manages to acquire. However, it is often the case that event organisers only start thinking about matchmaking, particularly software-supported matchmaking, at the very end of the planning process. At this point, they attempt to put the cart before the horse — which often fails. Converve has been providing business networking solutions for 18 years. We asked our project managers, software developers, and communication experts what they consider to be the most important success criteria for matchmaking work, and the answers they gave are presented in the list below.

Make it as easy as possible for participants to register. Lengthy registration forms will scare people off. Not only are B2B event visitors deciding to participate at increasingly later times, they are also starting to prepare for their visit closer and closer to the date of the event. Based on our experience, we recommend activating software-based matchmaking weeks before the event.

Matchmaking Canada SMM (2008)

Reading Support The Matchmaking segment is expected to show a revenue growth of Reading Support In the Matchmaking segment, the number of users is expected to amount to Reading Support User penetration in the Matchmaking segment will be at 1.

Building stronger local matchmaking ecosystems. • Market creation for matchmaking providers. • Encourage governments to ease transaction costs. • Creating.

Applying AI-powered matchmaking to your event can save you time and give you valuable insights. We talked with an expert from Silo. AI to learn more about how AI will affect matchmaking at events. From Netflix recommendations to digital assistants like Siri or Google Home, we interact with AI daily, sometimes without knowing it. So what about events? How will AI change event matchmaking, and how can you prepare for its impact on your events? And what is intelligence?

And to learn, AI needs one thing: data. AI thrives in data-rich environments, and there are mind-blowing amounts of data being uploaded, downloaded, processed and more every day. There is a lot of data in event matchmaking too, meaning AI has untapped potential in this area. Nearly everything is a data point to an AI-powered tool, from your name to your interests to your job. However, AI-powered matchmaking tools can process all that information in an instant and determine the best matches, based not only on that data but from data gathered and processed across hundreds of events.

But how can an AI-powered tool understand something so complex as what makes two people a good match? Alanen had this to say:.

Hotmarketing Brazil (Worldwide Services for Matchmaking B2B Events/ Market Surveys

Cloudsuppliers helps IT companies expand and establish their business in the Netherlands. Our Business Matchmaking strategies — backed by years of industry experience — will help you boost market penetration, build brand awareness and introduce you to diverse client profiles in one of the most innovative and established markets in the world. Partnering with the leading Dutch corporations can expand your influence and lead your business to success.

Business matchmaking creates valuable partnerships that accelerate your business growth in international markets and spread business awareness to a broader audience.

(Virtual) Matchmaking. Successful. sustainable business matches. Tailored. selection criteria applied. Co-production. guided market tours. Looking to​.

Upon completion of your registration, you will be provided with the meeting dial-in and log-in information. Margot Dorfman. She is a visionary leader who has dedicated herself to promoting the economic and leadership interest of women and small businesses. Her extensive background in business, business ownership, publishing, and nonprofit leadership has prepared Ms. Dorfman to set the vision for the U. Dorfman has spent two decades lobbying congress on behalf of women and small businesses.

She has met with congressional leaders, testified before congress on key issues impacting women and small businesses resulting in needed legislation to benefit women and the small business community. Additionally, Dorfman has built respected relationships with federal Agency and Large Prime acquisition team members to advance access to contracts for small businesses. Additionally, her experience includes over ten years in executive positions with General Mills and other Fortune firms.

Looking to put your best foot forward when meeting one-on-one with Federal Agencies and Large Prime Contractors?

Stuart Atkins on why marketing should be matchmaking and not manipulation – MAF242

At Phaff Export Marketing we think it is important that you find the right export market and buyer for your product. We have worked hard to make our matchmaking into one of the most desired and successful services for many years. Based on your company strategy, experience, and special desires, our matchmaking team will set you up with contacts in the right markets.

By order of Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (​NATI) MC Marketing Consulting compiles a matchmaking concept for a team of.

The matchmaking event is where companies who are interested in similar services or products gather to network and find the perfect partner for their organization. Read more about this kind of business events. The matchmaking events are based on One-to-One business meetings. In the Digital Marketing industry for example, if your company want to hire the right agency to handle the Digital Marketing activities,. That saves a lot of time and efforts to find the right digital marketing arm for your company.

Instead of losing efforts and a lot of time to search and get proposals then comparing them, you can set up to 10 meetings for example on the same day to filter which companies you can deal with. Business-to-Business companies have very limited opportunities to brand themselves in their markets. The one of a kind event connects early-stage and growth-stage startups with senior professionals who want to get to know the fascinating world of Egyptian entrepreneurship and its leaders.

TRUSTECH presents itself as a high-level hub for the international ICT and digital services community, and seeks to help market players define future strategies, develop the way technologies are used and generate business opportunities. It brings together more than players, from industry world leaders and research organisations to start-ups and SMEs

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Originally published on DandB. If you decided to be spontaneous and show up to an event without preparing beforehand, you may have struck gold and landed a big client. Like so many things in life and business, you get out what you put in. When it comes to matchmaking for small diverse businesses, the preparation you do before the event is just as important as your actions during and after the event — perhaps even more so.

Consider following these 10 simple steps to help start a lasting relationship with your dream client at the next event you attend. There are many different types of certifications available, from programs through the Small Business Administration to regional and state-level certifications.

Have you ever attended a small business matchmaking or networking event on and your business is just as important as your online presence and marketing.

Matchmaking for electronica offers you several new ways to initiate business and make appointments. The result: simplified, personal and promising planning for the fair. Your personal interests profile Create your personal interests profile. Differentiating between the two categories—i. Filter capabilities are available in three categories, i.

Automatic comparison of interests Based on your personal profile, we identify exactly the exhibitors who are relevant for you. This function updates every time you log in. Contact appropriate contacts directly Our contact form allows you to contact the right contacts directly and make appointments with them quickly and conveniently before the fair even begins.

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